Usson Adventure Park

Usson Adventure Park is a forest for climbing and treetop adventures. This climbing park has various routes graded according to difficulty, and you can choose from green, blue, red or black. They also have a special route for children.

A minimum height of 01:35 metres (4 ft 5) is required for the junior/adult routes. A minimum height of 1 metre (3 ft 3) is required for the children’s route.

Upon arrival, you first take part in the ‘Ecureuil’ or ‘Squirrel’ course. Then you can choose which colour route you want to try.

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Escape zoologique

In 1971, Pierre and Eliane Thivillon decided to create a zoo. In and around the village of Saint Martin la Plaine in the Loire valley, they created a sanctuary for injured wild animals, often found by locals. Confronted with the growing number of animals being treated, the idea for the park took root and became reality on 23 July 1972. Since then, the park has developed rapidly and now contains many more animal species than just those living in the local area.

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“What an incredible location! Delightful accommodation and a very warm welcome. Deep in the countryside, in beautiful surroundings. A wonderful place for a really relaxed holiday!”

Martine Kruyning
“If you want delightful relaxation in the French countryside, Moulin des Comtes is the very place to be. Such a warm atmosphere and a wonderful holiday location. Thank you for looking after us so well!”
Niels van der Perk