Even the smallest pub in the area also has something to eat. What you will get is always something of a surprise as they serve a daily special. We also provide an evening meal upon request, just ask for the options.

There are also many wonderful restaurants in the vicinity. We can mention a few but needless to say that there are many more and we’ll be happy to give our advice.

Le Relais du Vermont in Baffie  www.relaisduvermont.com

Auberge le Droubliei in Saillant: www.aubergeledroubliei.com

Fait Maison in Saint-Romain: www.hotel-pont-raffiny.com

Auberge Du Ripailleur in Dore-l’Eglise: www.aubergeduripailleur.com

Bon appetit!

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“What an incredible location! Delightful accommodation and a very warm welcome. Deep in the countryside, in beautiful surroundings. A wonderful place for a really relaxed holiday!”

Martine Kruyning

“If you want delightful relaxation in the French countryside, Moulin des Comtes is the very place to be. Such a warm atmosphere and a wonderful holiday location. Thank you for looking after us so well!”

Niels van der Perk