New beginnings

We are Rob and Annemie van der Elst and, together with our dogs, we changed the course of our lives. We are both huge fans of the television programme ‘Ik Vertrek’, the Dutch equivalent of BBC’s ‘Living in the Sun’. But that we would turn our lives around as well, was a surprise for us too.

We left

It all began one Sunday morning in 2017. For many years, we had been successfully working together as partners in our business in the Netherlands. We always enjoyed this very much, but it had taken its toll on our health. We wanted to change this, and so we did. We sold our business.


As of 01 September 2017, we were unemployed for the first time in our lives. That took a while getting used to, suddenly having all this free time and no plans. What was it that we wanted? Start up a shop? No, preferably not. One thing we realised fairly quickly was that the Netherlands would no longer be our home. And then, one Sunday morning, it dawned on us … And this turned into our personal version of ‘Ik vertrek’.
Ik vertrek | Moulin des Comtes

Where do we go?

If you decide to leave the country, it’s important to know where you want to go. Where do we want to start up something, and what have we always enjoyed ourselves? France was at the top of our list. But where? And what would we do? Making people comfortable and enjoy themselves. That is what we like.

Emigrating to France

And so our plan began to take shape. A Bed & Breakfast? Or holiday homes? As we had been working so intensively in our business for so long, we hadn’t been on holiday very often. There was never really any time for it. But the few times we did manage to go, we always loved going to France. The people, the landscape, the language, the way of life. And so our plan focused on France.

Gîtes in the Auvergne

We did some research. Where did we want to live? Our quest took us to the Auvergne region, such a beautiful area and, most of all, …. so quiet. We made the decision. It had to be the Auvergne. And when we arrived at ‘our’ valley, we simply fell in love. This was how our new dot on the map gradually became more specific.

Le Moulin des Comtes

Le Moulin des Comtes was for sale. A gorgeous location with plenty of accommodation. It needed quite some renovation work, but we mostly saw the huge potential of the property. We could renovate it, make it completely our own, and create the space that we envisioned for our future guests. We decided to build our lives here.

Viverols Castle

Local tradition has it that Le Moulin des Comtes was built around the same time as the castle of Viverols, about 600 years ago, between 1401 and 1453. Viverols Castle is now a ruin. But there is still a tangible sense of history, which you will also see in Moulin des Comtes. Over the centuries, there have been some modifications, additions to the building, and some parts were removed. Le Moulin means ‘the mill’. A fire burned it down many years ago. The name is reminiscent of the times when villagers came to the mill for the services it provided. We frequently talk to residents of Viverols and the area who remember visiting the mill with their parents in the old days. We love listening to these stories.

The perfect holiday destination

The wonderful history, the microclimate, the river that borders the property, and the space (around 7.5 acres) make Moulin des Comtes our ideal location. We now have two holiday homes and a Bed & Breakfast room for a delightful holiday in this beautiful landscape. The area also has much to offer when it comes to sports, outdoor activities, relaxation, and culture. And be sure not to forget the region’s culinary delights.

Complete Holiday Home and Bed & Breakfast

During the renovation, we constantly had our future guests in mind. Our holiday homes and Bed & Breakfast are spaciously designed and fully furnished. The high-quality beds are comfortable and big so you can enjoy a lovely (and long) rest. This is where you hear the sound of silence.
We kindly invite you to come and enjoy an extremely pleasant stay.
Rob en Annemie Van Der Elst

Rob & Annemie

No request is too big or too small: if it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

Let us make your holiday absolutely perfect!