A chance to cool down on a hot summer’s day is very welcome. And the best place to find it is ‘our’ river that borders our property. There are also plenty of swimming options in the immediate vicinity.

The lake at Usson-en-Forez is highly recommended, where you can lie down and relax on the grassy or sandy banks. The trees provide some welcoming shade. In short, it is a great place to spend a hot summer’s day.

Saint-Anthème is also a good place to go for a swim, as there is a lake just outside the village. Its banks are both grassy and sandy and there is a small restaurant for something to eat. You can also rent a pedalo.

If you wish to know more about the nearest lakes, just ask and we’ll be happy to inform you!

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“What an incredible location! Delightful accommodation and a very warm welcome. Deep in the countryside, in beautiful surroundings. A wonderful place for a really relaxed holiday!”

Martine Kruyning

“If you want delightful relaxation in the French countryside, Moulin des Comtes is the very place to be. Such a warm atmosphere and a wonderful holiday location. Thank you for looking after us so well!”

Niels van der Perk